Why is this tour different from all the other tours?

Yaturu Tours provide all the information and content usually delivered by a tour guide, but with the comfort, ease, autonomy and affordability suited to today's free independent traveller.

Yaturu's MR content opens a window into the past. We rebuild the sites before your eyes, using a combination of narrative drama and historical context to bring the ancient world to life like never before.

No other tour offers this particular blend of technology and storytelling, with dramatic narratives told in 360° Virtual Reality, set on the original locations of the biblical and historical stories you know and love.

Where should we meet to start the tour?

We start our tours from the main entrance of the City of David. Just type City of David in Google Maps.

What is MR?

MR stands for Mixed Reality, a combination of Augmented and Virtual Reality that produces new environments and visualisations.

Is the content appropriate for children?

Our content has been developed with respect for Jewish values, although it does include some mature material based on battles that took place in history. We recommend the content for anyone from age 10 and up.

What is the narrative content about?

Our content is based on the sites in and around Jerusalem, inspired by biblical scriptures. We draw the connection between Abraham and Jerusalem, and follow the stories of King David's dynasty in the Holy City, including: Solomon & Sheba, King Hezekiah and the Assyrian siege as well as Jeremiah and the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem. Each story is directly connected to a different location on tour, with sets based on the archeological ruins you are exploring.

Will I need a background in history to understand the content?

No background information is necessary. We provide content that gives you a clear historical context for our biblical narratives.

Who can come on this tour?

We welcome anyone from age 10 and up. The City of David tour involves some steps, so you need to be comfortable with a brisk walk and stairs.

What should I bring on the tour?

A good pair of walking shoes for ultimate comfort when walking through the Old City. You should bring water and a hat especially in the summer, as the tour is outdoors.

What if I wear glasses?

Our VR kit is designed to wear comfortably with glasses. If you have further site issues, let us know and we'll provide a hand-held option so you can still enjoy all our content!

What languages are currently available?

Our content is delivered in English.

What if I have technical difficulties?

All tour includes a Yaturu host for on site troubleshooting and any questions you might have.

Can I download the application on my own phone/device?

This service is currently unavailable, but stay tuned!

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