City of David Kids

City of David Kids

The Yaturu team in Israel produced a Hebrew experience of the City of David tour highlights, which we showcased to kids and families in Jerusalem. There is nothing like the site of kids and families enjoying themselves and learning through new experiences that inspire imaginations. We will be running the highlights during the month of

Augmented Photo Op

Jump into photo opportunities with your favorite Yaturu characters and share with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Wechat or any social media. Group pics or one on one, your tour host or independent tour operator will snap the best augmented reality shots and share back photo's as a memento of your time in Jerusalem.

Simultaneous Delivery

In the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem's busy tourist locations, we deliver compelling and encompassing experiences that sweep our tourists away to a time and place they may not otherwise imagine. 3D scenes delivered in virtual reality with audio compilations, music, sound effects drama and narration in Mandarin or English. Each device is synchronized to

Spectacular Scenes

Each set was carefully researched and planned to authentically represent the original architecture and dress of the day. Storyboard, set design, model building and character animations combine to take tourists back in time through Augmented and Virtual reality experiences synchronized to audio tracks that were approved by Jerusalem's authorities on the subject matter. In this

Design and Development

We have been meticulously attentive to character design and development in order to be as true as possible to the authenticity of larger than life biblical characters that frequented the halls of palaces of Kings and rulers of Jerusalem. Artists and animators thoroughly reviewed period costume to produce spectacular scenes that are delivered on locations

Behind the Scenes

In our Jerusalem based studio our team discusses motion capture for Maya, our virtual tour guide who will accompany tourists on their 3 hour ancient Jerusalem tour. We spent thousands of hours building technology and great content to meet the demands of tourists in multiple languages. We begin with Mandarin and English, but we plan